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The new year with a new boyfriend

Two years ago I broke up with my ex-boyfriend. He was bad man for me. He didn´t care about me, I haven’t been a priority for him, he was always busy, he rarely called, we didn’t video chat anymore, everytime I called, I get his mail, when we spoke, the conversations have no substance, and he never wanted to talk about the future and clising the distance. It was horrible 3 years together, trust me. I absolutely don´t know the reason why we were together! Yet the days after the break up was really hard for me! I was alone, without money and I was far from my family. I did not ever see any man. I was disappointed, frustrated, heartsick.

But… I have made decision I will strong, I will myself, I will enjoy my life. So I started traveling and I tryed to be happy. One year after our break up I was still allone. So I decided I make new profile on website www.czech-single-women.com/women-profiles/. Wow. So many gentlemans contact me. They were really pleasant, nice, smiling, communicative, they were interested in me. It was miraculously for me. Before that I did not recognize such behavior. I have a lot of dates, met a lot of really kind and nice people, but it was still not it. None of them was the man of my dreams…

Suddenly it happened… I did not expect that… I met HIM on the new year party. When I first saw him, I knew it is HIM! We have long looked at each other and we both knew it from the first moment. We will live together. Not now, but in future, certainly! Intuition was right. After new year party we met each other very often. And now? I am really happy, because it will be our wedding for four month. He is men from my secret dream. And I am his princess…


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19. 01. 2017