Enjoy awsome honeymoon in Czech Republic!

My slovakian experiences

I am just single old man from England and I really like traveling! I saw many parts of Europe ant man parts of world as well, I was in Prague before ten years and in Český Krumlov, two beautiful cities in the Czech republic, but I have never been in Slovakia. I just forgot to this small country in the middle of Europe... But… When I was on holiday last year, I just visited one of the beautiful mountains named High Tatras as I ever saw. It was in Slovak Republic and it was really awesome, because I met there a lot of nice people, saw many natural monuments and pure and wild natural. I eat good meal named halušky. I just enjoyed one beautiful week with several nice Slovakian women.

What can I say now about Slovakia? I really want to see this country one again. There is so much to see – old castles, fine towns and cities. You can do there everything what you want to do! If you like rafting for example, you can try to run one of te wild river. If you like mounting climbing, you can do it here. If you like cycling, just do it in Slovak Republic! Trust me, it is great experience to b ethere and meet new people!

If you are single as me, you can try to meet some nice Slovakian women on the website which named www.czech-single-women.com/. I think it is better to enjoy your holiday in the couple. It is more funny and I think, you will fall in love as me. These women are different from women in England, they are natural and they are not so demanding. They do not need much money, but… They are really clever. Register on the website now! You will see all I saw before one year. And by the way… my future wife is Slovak! J


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23. 06. 2017