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Czech girls and their life goals

Have you ever met or spoken to Czech girls? If not, you will be surprised by how modest and hard-working they are. Most Czech girls are brought up in a loving and supporting environment. Their parents want them to be well-educated to find a good job with a decent salary. Thus they go to universities and study to become doctors, lawyers, company managers or artists.

When Czech girls finish their studies at either secondary school or university, they work for a few years to get some practice before they settle down and have family. Czech girls don`t tend to get married young as it used to be typical in the past. After they find a boyfriend, they start to live with him first before they end up getting married and having children. An average Czech girl has the first child in the age of 28 as they firstly build their career and enjoy life with a partner alone.

However, having a nice family is a primary goal once Czech women turn the age of 30. They are family-oriented similarly to Polish women and make a stable, loving and caring mothers as well as partners. Czech women take care of children and household. They make meals for all the family members, take them to school and pick them up when necessary.

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