Enjoy awsome honeymoon in Czech Republic!

Enjoy your honeymoon in Giant Mountains

Giant Mountains have plenty of activities to offer. If you are a ski lover, you can spend all your holiday skiing. There are many well-prepared ski tracks for cross-country skiing stretching through a number of forests leading across large valleys to the tops of the hills.

Giant Mountains are also popular with downhill skiing. Ski slopes that are situated near towns and villages include black, red as well as blue pistes aimed at all types of skiers ranking from beginners to the advanced ones.

Accommodation in popular destinations such as Špindlerův Mlýn or Harrachov is regularly booked by foreigners every year in advance. It can easily happen that a hotel you have requested is sold out even before the winter season starts. So if you have chosen any accommodation Giant Mountains, don't hesitate for too long and make your reservation in time.

A lot of hotels and guesthouses offer wellness areas where you can pamper yourself. You can usually use a swimming pool, sauna, steaming room or jacuzzi, which is included in the room price and pay extra money for various massages. These relaxing treatments are worth undertaking especially after all day skiing.

Smaller ski resorts such as Rokytnice nad Jizerou also offer a number of ski slopes. Accommodation Rokytnice is cheaper, but very pleasant to stay as well. Family hotels and guesthouses such as Sporthotel Bohemia provide people with nice rooms, local cuisine and information about places to go or see. For more information on Sporthotel Bohemia, see http://www.sporthotel-bohemia.cz/en/.

Both local people and foreigners enjoy Giant Mountains a lot and like to come back every year. They can not only spend time on ski slopes or tracks in forests, but also enjoy time in wellness centres or local cafes, restaurants or bars.

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